Working Together: How You Can Raise a Strong Family

Family Doing Financial PlanningYou will often read articles that begin with “Raising a family these days isn’t easy…” But honestly, when has raising a family ever been easy? It was challenging decades ago and it’s challenging now. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, and done well.

There are two major causes of conflict or problems in a family: emotional needs and financial needs. When those needs are met, there is less to worry about.

Here’s a little discussion on how to go about meeting those needs:

Work together

This refers to both making money and making things around the house work. It is uncommon for both the husband and wife to make exactly the same amount of money, but that should not matter if you have a budget and you both agree to stick to it. You are a couple — married at that — so it doesn’t matter who earns more because whatever money you make, you do for the family. You can agree on how to allocate your earnings.

For instance, the one who earns less will pay for the groceries and miscellaneous needs and the one who earns more will pay the car notes and mortgage. When it comes to home loans, says it’s best to get some professional help. You can also just combine your money and divvy it up according to every bill that comes in.


Gone are the days when the mother has to look after the children and the father goes out with friends. This is not how it works. You should both have time for family, for friends, for each other, and for other needs. Make compromises on the things you loved to do alone when you were single, because that’s what married life is.

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Talk about issues

Whenever there is a problem, you need a dialogue. A cold shoulder or a silent treatment is not going to help you get over the problem. That may actually make it worse. Be available for each other especially when you are needed. When you talk about issues, don’t bring back the past issues. Focus on the present.

Raising a family is indeed a challenge. These suggestions don’t even scrape the bottom rung. But, it should both be challenging and enjoyable. After all, whatever challenges you might face, you can get over it if you stick together.