Why’s and How’s: Adhering to Google AdSense Policies

Google AdSense PoliciesAmidst all the never-ending changes in digital marketing, one thing has remained constant: monetising websites using Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is like any regular ad strategy, a great source for sales and conversions, except Google controls it fully. In agreement with Google’s efforts to provide the best user experience for your visitors, there are rules and guidelines to follow.

When you buy traffic to increase clicks for your ads, make sure they’re AdSense safe. Otherwise, you’re jeopardising your AdSense account rather than generating revenue out of it like everyone else.

Here’s why you should never break AdSense Policies:

You Can Hurt Your SEO Efforts 

If you violate AdSense policies, you not only risk shutting down your AdSense account, but your ranking in the SERPs, as well.

It’s Hard to Recover From

One violation is equivalent to a lifetime of punishment. Meaning you’re shut down for good.

In making the most of your AdSense account, it’s safe to stay away from poor-quality traffic. Here are three facts about getting AdSense safe clicks:

Too-Cheap Traffic is Bad Traffic

If you’re offered ‘100% AdSense safe clicks’ in exchange for ultra-low cost, it’s highly doubtful it can deliver on its promise. Most likely, this traffic comes from bots that won’t do anything for your advertising. Without real clicks, real views, and real hits, your ad spend is a waste of money.

Overpriced Mediocre Traffic Is Just As Bad

What you heard is true: you’re likelier to gain profits from traffic that’s a little more expensive than others. But, this doesn’t mean that overpriced mediocre traffic can yield more benefits – on the contrary. Perhaps, you’ll get 10,000 real clicks and get £80 out of it, but what good will it be if you spent £100 for it? Instead, shop around for different providers and weigh your options.

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Ultimately, you need to be aware. Know the quality of traffic you’re paying for. Know that it follows the rules provided by AdSense standards. Awareness is the first step to success.