Why Selling your Auto Scrap to Recyclers is Cool

Selling your Auto ScrapThe thing with auto scrap in Perth is that you can't put in a bin for general household waste. Well, that is sensible given its size. Even if it's been sitting in your backyard for several months now, you just can't dispose of it until the special removal collection time.

But there is an alternative to this – an alternative where you can do the following:

  • get rid of your old, defective car,
  • make money from it,
  • and discard it right away.

Of course, you have an idea what that is. Scrap yards are everywhere, after all.


Before selling your auto scrap you have to ask several scrap yards regarding their policy. Do they buy a whole, disassembled scrap metal that is your car? What are their rates? Do they specialise in certain scrap metals only?

Also, selling non-scrap metals found in your car is easier when you removed them from the car. These include the battery, copper wires, engines and the seats. The first two will be easy to sell especially that copper wires are in demand and car owners are always on the lookout for batteries. When it comes to seats, there may be little interest in it but you can always try to sell online.

Beyond the Obvious Advantages

MARTIN SCRAP METALS attests that selling your junk metals to auto scrap removal yards can go a long way especially in terms of better waste disposal and management. These scrap yards do not only buy and sell junks but serves as one of the main drivers of recycling.

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Steel and aluminium industries have been using recycled scrap metals for their product lines either through recycling or remanufacturing. For businesses this is cost-effective and it makes them compliant to certain sustainability standards as well. For the environment, this reduces the waste thrown in landfills.

Armed with this knowledge, go ask the nearest scrap yard administrators about selling your auto scrap. If you think the price is right, then you'd go home a few dollars richer, with fewer scrap items at home, and an instant contributor to the recycling industry. Aren't those cool?