When the Modern Office Backfires: Why Older Employees like Traditional

Commercial Cleaning in AucklandThere seems to be a lot of talk about modernising your office. Converting your office to a playful, colourful and extremely comfortable workplace like those of Google may be the way offices are being designed these days, but their style is more popular among the type of employees they are trying to attract, which are largely tech-savvy millennials.

While there is nothing wrong with that, not all talented employees want to work in such environments, and certainly, not all companies have the budget or the need to convert or rebuild their offices.

Veteran employees

Choose to keep your office style traditional if you have a talent pool composed of executives who take pride in being productive in a more traditional setting. These are the kind of ladies and gentlemen who come to work in proper business attire as opposed to the younger’s preference for shorts and sneakers. They drink coffee or water by the cooler or at the break room and would not wander to the ping-pong table or the Zen garden.


What these executives would rather have is a clean working environment. They won’t stand for a colleague’s propensity for hanging sweat-soaked workout clothes by their desk. AA Cleaning Ltd would agree that these people would be glad to hire commercial cleaning in Auckland.


The older generation of professionals like a quiet working environment. This helps them focus. They cannot imagine working in an office where people are allowed to ride bicycles indoors or cheer loudly for the winning player at the billiard table. For these professionals, an office is a place of work and should be treated accordingly as a sign of respect for their officemates. They cherish the sound of a traditional telephone and the all-important filing cabinet. It reminds them that here, things are accomplished.

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Older employees don’t care for the colourful and attractive designs you see in modern offices. They would rather have a painting of a village on a wooden expanse of the wall like something you’d see in a law office. The shiny floors and the receptionist’s bar are common fixtures they appreciate.

It’s not like there’s anything wrong with modern office designs; it’s just that they are not for everyone. While millennials like to blur the lines between work and life, seasoned executives would rather draw a more pronounced line that tells them, there are boundaries.