“What You See is What You Get” Sites Won’t Always Get What You Want

Web Development Services in MelbourneIf you’re into social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you’re no stranger to ads endlessly promoting What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) web development. These aren’t just the fancy software applications; these are site building applications focused on building drag and drop sites, complete with predefined templates.

Initially, it’s a great idea—the entire project saves you time and effort. But if you look a little closer, you’ll realise the other side of the coin. Site building might seem appealing, but here are some reasons why hand coding is your best option:

WYSIWYG Sites Aren’t Always Free

Web developers in Melbourne constantly remind their clients that not all WYSIWYG sites are for free. “What do they expect?” they ask. But the main issue is not if customers wish for free advertising for services built on their site. Your restrictions on the site play no role in costs. You should still pay extra for it and the price is usually higher than normal hosting.

100% Control on Sites

Web pages done by site builders stay on their turf. You cannot easily pull them out because the source code is not yours. It makes the translation into metadata more difficult. A number of services also operate in this fashion.

Depending on site builders mean changing hosting platforms through page reconstructions and other involved functionalities.

You Understand Codes Better

Good coders save time by writing fresh codes rather than building on codes written by others.

Using codes from third parties takes up most of your time. You figure out the integration that you want. In some cases, developers do not understand the third-party software’s actions, which produces undesirable results.

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Other codes also pose the threat of bugs and other flaws. Instead of improving the site, you spend your time on diagnosis.

Relying on WYSIWYG sites alone keeps you from the rewarding advantages of building your own codes. Keep control of your website hosting by seeking assistance from professionals.