What Goes into Excellent Food Presentation?

Expert chefs have acknowledged that proper food presentations are a critical element to people enjoying the food. The experience with scrumptious food should not just excite the taste buds but should also arouse other senses.

Below is a guide on food presentation for a memorable food experience:

Appropriate dinnerware

Even the best dish can lose its spark when you use the wrong plate; have different Deli display equipment for various dishes. Ensure you use clean and polished dinnerware that has no stain or crack. The size of the plate is also a critical factor to consider as a large plate will have food portions seem tiny, while a small plate will make the food look cramped.

Choose One Food Item as the Main Dish

While many food items can go on one plate, be specific about a food item that is the main of your meal. This food item should take the large volume and should be easy to access without altering the other food elements.


Your garnish is an addition to the main dish and will make it more appealing to the eye. The garnish should be edible and should offer an enhancement of the flavour of your food. You can use vegetables or fruits, or a combination of both as your garnish.

Plate in Plain Odd numbers

The mind is the first thing to capture before targeting the senses, as it perceives things in plain odd numbers more appealing even if the items are of the same kind. Therefore, avoid serving your food items in even numbers.

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Use Colour and Texture

Plating your food goes beyond positioning the food; play around the different colours and textures of food items. Complementing the various elements in your presentation makes the food look appealing and adds life to it. Choose a few colours and work around with them to avoid overdoing your presentation.

There is a lot that goes into food presentation, and that will often include incorporating one or more of the above guidelines to enjoy the ultimate food experience. Plating your food right, using Deli display equipment, is a sure way to present your food appropriately.