What Donald Trump’s Victory Means for Promotional Products

Example of a Promotional ProductLast November 8, Donald Trump emerged as the victor in the 2016 presidential election. Although one could argue that it was his radical political campaigns that helped propel him to victory, one other element of his campaign helped secure the win: the savvy use of promotional products. Here are a few lessons from the Trump campaign that you can apply to your own promotional campaigns.

Focused Promotional Products Help Spread Your Message

Political leaders hoping to achieve this promotional success in the future should put more weight on one central campaign slogan that expands across all merchandise. For instance, Trump spent more on hats than any other facet of his campaign. In fact, from June 2015 to September 2016, the Trump campaign spent 3.2 million dollars on hats and only 1.8 million dollars on polling. The slogan printed on the hat, ‘Make America Great Again’, effectively focused and conveyed his message all throughout the election.

On the other hand, while presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went for her ‘I’m With Her’ slogan, there were various other official Hillary phrases that flooded and bogged down her campaign. It would have been better to just strengthen one campaign slogan instead of opting for multiple messages.

End-Users also Have Merchandising Power

While presidential candidates obviously released their own political merchandise, voters —Trump supporters and detractors in particular — capitalised on election micro-moments and produced their own merchandise based on viral memes. This shows how end-users had the ability to impact a campaign.

Branded Merchandise Sales Can Predict the Outcome

Merchandise sales trends correctly predicted the candidate who would win the elections. In September, pro-Trump merchandise sold more than pro-Hillary merchandise by 20 per cent, and this bold statement actually proved to be true.

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The Trump campaign would have not been successful without the use of promotional products. Given the impact of promotional apparel on brand identity, it is vital to dedicate resources and time to a great promotional campaign.