Website Trends You Need to Know and Avoid This 2016

Website Design Trends

Website DesignWeb design is a lot like fashion, as trends appear and disappear at regular intervals. While many of them are due to necessity, others are not. Many changes happen as time pass, like the shift from skeuomorphism to flat design.

C1 Partners and other digital marketing agencies remind choosing a web design according to the needs of your business and site visitors. It should not always aim to follow the latest fad, as these tend to get dated quickly. This renders your website obsolete way before its time.

Here are some trends you see in 2016 that you should avoid:

  • Hamburger menus – Using a hamburger menu to simplify navigation on mobile devices is all the rage right now. While it makes websites sleeker and cleaner, it has the disadvantage of hiding topics and items that are critical to the website experience. This especially true for e-commerce and news sites.
  • Carousels on the front page – Carousels are great for reducing clutter and adding visual interest, but the downside is that they make all sites look as if a cookie cutter has made them. In addition, there are serious issues involved such as being bad for SEO, affecting site performance, pushing content below the fold, and inaccessibility.
  • Using parallax scrolling – Many sites today use parallax scrolling where the foreground and background content scrolls at different speeds. This is a great way to create the illusion of depth, but is debatable as a good UX. Disadvantages include being bad for SEO, reduced performance, and negative effect on users.
  • Complex load screens – In the good old days when Flash-driven sites were new, it was common to wait while the Flash-animated site loaded. Users nowadays, however, will leave your site if it does not open in 10 seconds. This can hit your bottom line harder than you can imagine.
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These are among the website trends you’ll see this year. While they’re the hype of 2016, you should still avoid them because they may affect your business.