Types of Residential Electrical Wiring Systems

Electrician Fixing Electrical WiringElectricity goes through several points before it reaches your house. Your state’s electricity board will supply power to a point outside your premises. You will then connect it from this point to your home’s switchboard.

From the switchboard, electricity is connected to various areas in your house. There are various wiring systems an electrician will use to connect your home to the switchboard. Here are some of the typical ones:

Batten Wiring

Double or triple TRS cables are used in this system. These cables are chemical, water, and steam proof, but are somewhat affected by lubricating oil. Repair and installation of batten wiring are quick and easy, and the system is durable. It also has minimal chances of leaks and can be easily customized. But Rockwall Electric warns that batten wiring is only suitable for electrical loads below 250v.

Conduit Wiring

In this system, PVC cables are run through PVC or metallic conduit pipes. Surface conduit wiring comprises wiring on ceilings and walls, while concealed conduit runs inside ceilings and walls. PVC concealed conduit wiring is most common in homes nowadays since it’s stronger, safer, and more beautiful compared to other options. Lead conduits are typically used in industries and applications with a high risk of electrical fires.

Casing and Capping Wiring

Insulated cables in this system run through a wood casing with groves that separate opposite electric poles. The casing is fixed to ceilings and walls using screws while capping covers the cables and wires in it. Casing and capping wiring is cheap, durable, and strong. However, repairs to this system are costly and it has a high risk of electrical fires.

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Your climatic conditions and required voltage will affect the choice of wiring system from the above for your home. After installation, ensure that you don’t fiddle with the cables in any way. Any problem with the wires should be handled by an experienced and certified electrician to prevent accidents.