Top Considerations When Choosing a Prepaid Funeral Plan

Woman holding a rose in a funeral

Not all people consider the idea of planning their funeral a worthwhile investment. However, it is an excellent way to help your families handle your funeral arrangements when you pass away. Planning a funeral is financially draining; add that to the emotional pain and the family is likely to go through a tougher time.

Getting expat prepaid funeral plans allows you to pay for your funeral costs at the current market price in Spain. Not only will you give your family peace of mind; you will also pay less than it will cost you in the future.

How Do You Choose a Plan?

Different individuals have varying wishes on what should and should not happen on their funeral. Therefore, your wishes depend on your preferences, culture, traditions, and financial wellbeing. Some of the considerations to make when choosing a funeral plan include:

1. Safety

You should ensure that the provider you choose for your funeral plan is a registered FPA member. That will give you peace of mind, knowing that the money you are saving is in good hands.

2. Timing

As it is with the majority of services, the earlier you get your plan, the better. Sorting your plan early enough ensures that your loved ones receive the compensation once you are gone.

3. Personal Preferences

Do you want a funeral ceremony that is private or one that has other events? There are different plans to fit your requirements and taste.

4. Budget

You can opt to pay a lump sum amount of money for your funeral plans or make monthly instalments over a specified period. Your choice will depend on your current financial status.

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When you have an expat prepaid funeral plan in place, your family members will only need to get in touch with the funeral home informing them of your death. The funeral plans will commence and allow your family to grieve in peace instead of handling the matters related to the funeral.