Top 3 Activities You Can Do at West Palm Beach

Mother and daughter exploring museumAre you looking for another vacation getaway? Definitely include West Palm Beach in your list and try out these top three activities.

1. Wonder at museums and performance arts

You can begin exploring West Palm Beach by visiting its museums and watching various performances.

Norton Museum of Art holds businessman Ralph H. Norton’s art collection. It has expanded and it now houses more than 7,000 works of art.

In your visit at this museum, you can wonder at geography along with exhibits that showcase European, America, and Chinese art. Moreover, you can watch various gospel, jazz, classical, and dance performances at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts.


2. Visit a zoo and wildlife sanctuary

The next thing you can do at West Palm Beach is to visit a zoo and wildlife sanctuary. These are ideal attractions for animal lovers. Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society has various animal exhibits, and it offers different interactive experiences with sloths, koalas, and tigers.

The zoo also has several kid and adult-centric events throughout the year. On the other hand, McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary features more than 170 animals such as lions, tigers, and more.


3. Appreciate West Palm’s beautiful surroundings

Lastly, travelers of West Palm Beach appreciate its beautiful surroundings through different attractions such as Mounts Botanical Garden and Okeeheelee Park. Mounts Botanical Garden has 18 beautiful gardens and landscaped spaces. It offers various flora ranging from jacaranda trees to herb plants.

There are also themed gardens such as butterfly and Mediterranean garden. Okeeheelee Park, on the other hand, is where you can find several miles of trails that offer various activities such as fishing, volleyball, tennis, and many more.

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With all these fun and interesting activities to do at West Palm Beach, a day will not be enough for your tour. Instead of spending on hotel accommodations, staying in with a family you know in the place will be a great idea.

Extra rooms will not be a problem since twin rollaway bed with mattress provided by firms such as Baby Borrow Rental are available for rent here, and could perfectly serve as your beddings. Especially if you’re travelling with your baby, rental on cribs and strollers are also available.

Do try out these activities and explore the wonders of West Palm Beach in your next vacation getaway.