Tone-Color Perfect: Achieving Good ROI from Printed Promotional Items

Business Print Materials Offered in MinneapolisMany claim that printed ads are no longer effective.

They say that since the digital media now grabs the most attention, getting results from traditional printed ads doesn’t matter anymore.

Do you agree?

If you think about it, printed and digital ads are very different things. Yes, most pay attention to their mobile devices for the larger chunk of the day. But, it will always make sense to have a physical copy of things.

With all the distractions available online, betting all your money and wishing someone clicks on your ads is just a brutal game not many have the funds to accomplish. That’s why, according to AlphaGraphics, a Minneapolis-based printing firm, printed ads are still powerful tools not only because they’re more affordable, but also because people can take these with them, be it online or offline.

Below is a list of things to include in your business promotional materials:

Complete and Concise Business Information

No matter the design of the print ads, if the customers don’t know where or how to connect with the business, then your ad is simply senseless. For every material, include a way to lead back your ads to you in the form of contact information.

Social Media Link

This is the only thing that traditional advertising can’t copy. But, you can still use social media in your print ads. Include QR codes in your fliers that will direct back to your website and accounts. This technique also saves space, so you can include more compelling information on the print ad.

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Peel-able or Tear-able Sides

Now, this is an old trick that digital ads can’t match. If you’re issuing discounts and offers as part of your marketing, you make include them in your promotional materials. With the same concept as coupons, you place detachable parts of the print ad to serve as discount vouchers.

There are tons of other ways to boost your sales by using print ads. With the advantage of physical material, only the sky’s the limit.