Tips for Reconnecting with Your Partner

Date night

Date nightWhen you have kids, work, bills to pay and a million and one responsibilities demanding your time and attention every day, it can be easy to make your relationship with your partner less of a priority. But, that is a slippery slope to lost spark and growing apart with your partner.

Making a regular date on the calendar to spend quality time together is one of the most important things you can do for your relationship.

Does it have to cost a lot? Lots of couples say that they cannot afford to have date nights, but with a little creativity, you don’t need to spend much on a memorable moment together — in fact, the cheapest nights out can often be the best. A low-cost but enjoyable place to go would be Mr. Putty’s Fun Park. If you are in Charlotte, NC, however, consider the following date ideas:

  • Sip coffee at the famous Amélie’s French Bakery
  • Attend a cooking class together at Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen
  • Visiting the Mint Museum for 145,000 square feet of culture
  • For bookworms, check out the wide book selection at Park Road Books

If you both enjoy doing certain activities or hobbies together, by all means, include those in your plans. However, for date nights to be a success, both should be open to trying new things that the other might enjoy.

A bit of open-mindedness, as well as give and take, is essential. Many couples take turns to plan a date, choosing something they would enjoy or things that they know their partner would like.

If you are looking for date ideas, use your imagination, get creative and, most of all, have fun with planning as this is part of bonding with your partner.

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