Time to Wear Technology: The Smartwatch

Smartwatch Technology in Lahore

Smartwatch Technology in LahoreSmartwatch technology isn’t new. It’s been around long before Apple ‘dressed up’ the wearable device, with its distinct design DNA and innovation. The first series of smartwatches were introduced to the market in the early ‘80s, and they came from one manufacturer. Today, you have several brands developing and producing some clever smartwatches.

The Smartwatch Market

Samsung is also designing its own smartwatch. Fitbit continues to enhance its fitness smartwatch to beat Apple. Apple is still luring gadget geeks and loyal consumers to its device, making it the ‘arm candy’ to covet.

In fact, Apple’s collaboration with luxury brand Hermès turns the Apple Watch into the bling for the tech savvy. My Shop Online adds the smart timepiece features GPS, retina display with force touch, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

But the appeal of a smartwatch is not just in its design. The attraction is mostly about what it can do — other than tell time accurately.

Time? What Time?

You can get an Uber ride with your smartwatch. You can also make calls because some devices feature 3G/4G connectivity. The Apple Watch, for example, lets you connect to your iPhone so you can:

  • Make a call;
  • Reply to messages, and
  • Check your messages.

And when paying, forget your ‘primitive’ wallet or even credit cards. Your smartwatch acts as a portable payment device. It will save you time from digging into your bag or pocket to pay for purchases.

Your smartwatch also acts as your health and activity monitor. The wearable tech will monitor your heart rate and track fitness. You can also use your smartwatch to meditate or practice yoga. It can also remind you when it’s time to hydrate.

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The modern smartwatches have come a long way since the first series of devices in the early ‘80s. The wearable tech can practically replace your mobile phone. Consider your choices, and wear one today.