Three Ways to Care for Luxury and Vintage Timepieces

Tips from Boise on How to Care of Luxury WatchesWhether it is your own or your great-grandfather’s luxury watch, it is important to protect this investment. An old timepiece that has been passed down through generations, for the most part, requires special care to keep it working perfectly. Simply replacing the battery is not enough, as luxury and vintage watches also need to look good and blend perfectly with a carefully chosen outfit.

Clean Carefully

Just like fine jewelry pieces, luxury watches also need cleaning. Be sure to do this carefully by using a soft cloth to clean the bracelet and the metal case. It is not a good idea to use warm or hot water when cleaning the timepiece. This is also true even if your watch is water-resistant. For a watch with stone embellishments, scrub it gently using a soapy brush. You can immerse rubber straps in water, but for leather ones, they may need to be replaced a few times.

Routine Maintenance

Cars aren’t the only machines that need regular maintenance. Luxury and vintage timepieces also need fine-tuning of both mechanical and automatic movements. Watch maintenance also involves changing the quartz batteries and testing for magnetization. This will help make sure that your designer watch will run perfectly and keep time accurately. Watch repair shops in Boise, ID suggest taking your timepieces to an expert every three to four years.

Wear it Right

Vintage and luxury timepieces can last a lifetime, but it is best to practice mindful wearing. This means taking them off when doing some activities (like sports). Extreme temperatures can also affect the condition of a vintage watch, especially those which are made before the 60s. Be sure to store them in a cool and dry environment, out from humidity or moisture. Get a case to store your watches properly.

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Learn how to keep a vintage/luxury watch in great shape. It is also a good idea to have more than one luxury timepiece to avoid overusing a single watch. Don’t forget to clean it carefully, service it routinely, and wear it properly.