Three Safety Measures to Protect Against Garage Door Hazards

Garage Door in PenroseFact: homeowners prioritise their garage less than other rooms of the house.

Fact: negligence can cost you time and money over time. Worse, your safety is compromised.

Unfortunately, even the best-quality garage doors can break down. Unlike windows or other doors in the house, a faulty garage door can easily squash your vehicle, or in extreme cases, a fully grown human being. A dent or another surface damage seems minor compared to the potential dangers ahead.

With anything from broken springs to loose cables, the door can malfunction, putting everyone and everything at risk. Never undermine the importance of maintenance and other safety measures. From cladding to cleaning, here’s what you can do to prevent garage door mishaps:


An aluminium profile can protect the doorframe from dirt and other elements, Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding shares, extending its longevity and functionality. If you’re using a wooden doorframe, garage door cladding can slow the wood’s rooting process and minimise the risk of mould formation. It also protects the door from discolouration.


Observe the door in action at every use. Is the movement smooth or jerky? Does it make scraping or grinding noises? Consult a technician about it.

Familiarise yourself with the parts and note any changes over time. Check all screws, nuts and bolts to ensure they are secure. Inspect the springs to check for any loss of tension. Also, check the cables for any signs of corrosion or fraying, and phone your technician once you find any signs of damage.


Experts recommend wiping down the door with a soft cloth at least twice a year. Wash it more frequently if you live in industrial areas, where corrosion and other harmful elements are more pervasive. Use a mixture of water and mild household detergent. Do NOT attempt to clean the remote control opener to avoid electrocution.

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Leave the technical manoeuvres to the experts. For now, pay attention to your garage door, its components and mechanism, before something – or someone – pays the price.