Three Factors to Consider When Moving to a New Neighbourhood

couple moving to a new house

When choosing a new neighbourhood, you are looking for a place that will suit all members of your family. Finding your dream house is a prime objective, but it is only one of many considerations. You also need to think of other factors that will affect your quality of life.

Here are a few things to check:


A safe neighbourhood allows you to focus on your day-to-day activities without having to worry about potential dangers. Most state governments compile the crime statistics within their area, which are easily accessible online. Look into your top neighbourhood option and compare the data with your other neighbourhood choices. You are not only investing in peace of mind, but you are also keeping your family members safe and sound.

Schools and Facilities

If you have a young family, proximity to schools and other facilities is important. Check if there are schools to accommodate your children. Make sure banks and shops are nearby so you don’t have to travel far for regular household needs. One solution is to find somewhere to live in a master-planned community, where access to utilities and services are a key component of the design and layout. Several master planned communities exist or are being developed in Australia; for example, land plots for sale in Geelong in Victoria are part of a developing community that has easy access to schools, retail centres and health services within the neighbourhood.

Community Spaces

Aside from the basic necessities, also consider the leisure and recreation spaces available in the neighbourhood. Communal spaces provide opportunities to develop relationships with other people in the neighbourhood and create a strong sense of community. Local parks and community gardens can help reinvigorate established communities and enhance new ones by providing green, open spaces. Having these spaces provides areas for family fun and helps your neighbourhood become an inviting and pleasant place to stay.

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Moving to a new house is a big decision, so be sure to consider all the different factors that will make your new home a great place to be. Easy access to the different amenities, services and leisure activities will help you adapt quickly to your new neighbourhood life.