The Ultimate Q&A for Planning a Simple Yet Unforgettable Wedding

Simple WeddingWeddings matter much to the people who will tie the knot, regardless of how simple the celebration is. It’s already a given that if you want to do it properly, you would need to plan it out to the best of your abilities. Here are some questions you need to ask:

Who are invited?

In a wedding, the presence of loved ones and friends are as important as the bride and groom’s appearance. Friends and relatives may request to be part of the ceremony or the reception, but that would be your call. Remember, this occasion is meant to be your happiest and not theirs. Check the number of seats at the venue before finalising the reception guest list. Decide on who will be part of the wedding before sending out invites.

What is the theme?

Many couples are satisfied with a traditional wedding, where everything is a grand display of their wedding attire. If you want something different, tradition, culture and history can inspire you to think of unique themes for your big day. You can choose a number of different motifs offered by event venues in Singapore like Malay or Hawaiian wedding themes.

When and where is it?

Scheduling is vital to the success of any special occasion, especially your own wedding. Reserve locations ahead of time and inform your guests of the details as soon as possible. Include a map or directions in the invitation if the venue is not that popular. Before the date arrives, keep them updated through social media correspondences to avoid losing guests whose seats are already reserved and paid for.

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If you want to make your wedding a success, then nothing should stop you from splurging on what truly matters. Make it the best day of your life with careful planning and surrounding yourself with the right people.