The Successful Young Tycoons of Today

Young Tycoon from QueenslandThe beauty of Generation Y is they never fail to push themselves further. At an early age, they already see a successful future. Some try to navigate their way up the corporate ladder. Others double their income through innovative ideas.

Everybody wants to be successful, right? The young tycoons tend to think ahead. They don’t only know how to climb the corporate ladder, they also make sure it’s the right one for their future. They know how to stand out but still keep their feet on the ground.

These young entrepreneurs know when to ask for professional advice from business consulting companies such as Flett Consulting when things get rough. Learn from the successful young businessmen of today to inspire you to finish the work week with a positive outlook.

William Zhou and Ryan McKay-Fleming created It’s a suite of productivity apps for K-12 educators. It’s like a specialised version of Microsoft Office for teachers. is already used in over 20,000 schools globally. It solves problems of collaboration, assessment and lesson planning. It also lessens the teacher’s pain by driving student success and facilitating personalised education.

Zhou got the idea when he visited his high school and realised being a teacher is not as easy as it looks. His teachers had an overwhelming volume of work. He promised them he’ll find a way to help them. That’s when he started the company.


Clef by Brennen Bryne is an easy way to access sites online without the use of passwords. They recognise the phone of each user instead of passwords. Right now, it already controls logins for more than 40,000 sites. It’s growing quickly in the developer tool, Bitcoin and gaming sites.


People who suffer from diabetes estimate nutritional information and usually miscalculate proper insulin dosages. Daniel Fine created Dosed to do that for diabetics. His brother was diagnosed with diabetes when he was seven years old. Fine wanted to find a way to manage the disease and track it for millions around the globe.

This generation doesn’t only come up with new technological advances. They also put their heart and passion to good use.

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