The Role of Tents in Outdoor Weddings

outdoor wedding tentChoosing to host your wedding outdoors gives you the opportunity to design and decorate your choice of location from scratch. This only means that you won’t have to settle with the interior design of a banquet hall or any other indoor wedding location. You can completely overhaul the place according to your preferences, as well as you and your partner’s personalities.

One important element of an outdoor wedding ceremony is the tent. Wedding rental companies in St Paul, MN note that tents can serve as your Plan B in case of an inclement weather. This can protect your guests from a possible rain and keep them protected and comfortable from the scorching sun and billowing winds.

Almost Any Venue You Want

The best thing about tents is that they can be installed almost anywhere. They are also available in a variety of sizes and materials, which only means that they can work for both formal and casual events. Just be sure to ask your planner or rental company to help you decide what type of tent fits your wedding. You also need to choose something that will work on the type of floor surface that you have.

Keeping Guests Protected and Comfortable

Tent weddings are more common in summer months, but some couples are also choosing to host an outdoor event during chilly seasons. If you’re holding it in warmers months, be sure to have some fans or portable AC units to keep your guests comfortable. Standup patio heaters, meanwhile, are advisable to keep guests warm in a chilly wedding.

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Extra Touches to Finish the Look

As you know, tents are like a blank canvas, so you will need to add some accessories and extra touches to complete the look of your venue. You can add decorative lighting like rope lights, fairy lights, and hanging lanterns for a whimsical effect. Other good wedding accessories include chandeliers, textured curtains, and sections of draping fabric (especially in the ceiling).

Wedding tents allow you to host your special day at almost any venue you like. Just be sure to work with your planner and other pros to transform the venue into the space you envision. Contact a wedding rental company today to learn more about your tent choices.