The Future of Office Spaces: Co-Working and Flow, Explained

a co-working space

a co-working spaceCo-working spaces have significantly remodeled the concept of an office. In previous years, a traditional office was set in one location where workers perform tasks sided by side, provided with professional tools from their employer.

The problem with this setup is that not everyone can reach optimum productivity in that environment. Experts from believe that offices should be comfortable, collaborative, and connected.

That’s how co-working spaces flourished — by presenting a wide variety of high-tech tools and work environments that allow each to work with their own flow.

The Importance of Flow

Artisans and athletes refer to “flow” as the state of mind at which they are at the peak of their skills. It is a feeling of mastery and timelessness that lead to excellent performance and maximum productivity. Flow essentially makes work feel like play, and this is where employers should lead their workers.

The future is here for forward-looking enterprises. Trends in the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices, and flexible scheduling are all converging to transform the workspace into a smarter environment dedicated to facilitating states of flow.

The Expansion of the Shared Office Space

Over the coming years, shared workspaces will have an even greater impact on the way we do business. In the past year, there were nearly 14,000 co-working hubs serving more than a million workers.

By 2020, industry forecasts indicate that 2017’s figures will double as shared offices will need customization to accommodate over 3.8 million workers.

The application of this concept is limited only by the imagination, and the multicultural, multi-generational mix of co-working occupants continuously helps the industry with innovative ideas.

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In the future, rigid schedules and specific office locations will be a thing of the past. Co-working spaces provide a virtual construct that merges life and work into something new — something the world has never seen before.