The Colours of Nature are a Massive Boost to Office Productivity

Nature in an Auckland Office Think of every morning you step into the office for another busy day. Do you just mindlessly drift past the hallway to get to your station? Just a guess: is your corridor plain white or bland gray?

If you want to get people pumped for a day at the office, sticking to plainly painted walls may not be the best idea. You need to add some green, a bit of yellow and a dash of blue to bring some life into the building and in the lives of your employees — and what’s a better way of incorporating colours in your office design than turning to nature?

Going Green with Plants

Psychologists agree with office services companies like Allbrite Services Ltd that plants enhance working environments and reduce toxin levels, particularly in air-conditioned buildings. Green, after all, helps you stay calm and efficient, even after working long hours. The colour doesn’t strain your eyes either.

Apart from potted indoor plants tastefully situated in the office, consider setting up vertical planters on exterior walls. They are an eco-friendly trend that sets a good ambiance that people feel as soon as they their eyes on the building.

Seeing Yellow with the Sun

The good thing about indoor plants is that they do not need as much sunlight as those you would normally find in gardens. This does not mean, however, that the people in your office do not need it.

Natural sunlight is generally yellow — a colour that stimulates creativity and optimism. It keeps people motivated and encourages a positive disposition. It boosts the immune system and serotonin levels as well, so you can say that it is both a happy and healthy hue.

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Beating Weariness with the Blue

Speaking of the sun, office windows that let you get a good look at the blue skies are great part of a functional office. If you’re lucky enough to have an office that overlooks the ocean, that’s great too. Try to keep these views as unobstructed as possible, because the natural blue helps keep you composed and focused on the task at hand.

A major renovation is not necessary to liven up the office and encourage productivity. In this case, getting in touch with nature is more than enough. The natural colours balance out the concrete jungle without costing you too much.