The Big Gig: Organizing a Big Musical Event

Crowd Singing at ConcertOrganizing a big gig can be a long, strenuous process. It will undeniably require you to dedicate a large chunk of your time to get everything done. Other than sold-out tickets, seeing people coming together for one musical event is more than a consolation—it’s a meaningful reward, which you can achieve through proper planning and constant efforts.

Expect that it’s not going to be easy. There are some things that you can do to make your list a whole lot more manageable.

The Budget

If you’re lucky enough to secure sponsorships, you won’t have much of a problem when it comes to finances. If you’re struggling, it’s time to find people who will fund your event. You may establish a separate committee to do this responsibility. For your reference, make sure that your budget will cover the following: the artist/performers, production, venue, insurance, advertising, catering, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The Venue

When it comes to venues, make sure that yours is accessible to everyone. Find out what the weather will be like on the concert day before you decide. Consider first the stage and its size. You will also have to take into account the auditorium seating. Are you going to set up chairs or will there be permanent seats at the venue? Don’t forget the power supply and see to it that they have a generator.

The Artist and Performers

Concerts have different acts, with the minimum of three or five. You’ll need an opening act and a headliner. You won’t have that much problem when it comes to the warm-up act, as you can commission local performers. Just make sure that their genre is the same as the headliner’s or complements it. Prepare your contract so that the duties and obligations of the artists and the organizing party are defined.

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Organizing a concert is surely tiring, but it’s fun. This is especially true if you find yourself singing to the songs on the concert day, knowing that your group’s work is all worth it.