The 4 Ways to Reduce Your Pool Maintenance Cost

outdoor swimming poolUnder the scorching summer sun, nothing brings sweeter respite than a dip in the pool. You might not only use the backyard feature to cool off, but also turn it into a centerpiece for glamorous parties at home. That’s why it’s essential that you maintain the beauty and function of your swimming pool. But how do you reduce maintenance costs throughout the year?

A good start would be from the drawing board — before the pool installation. Custom pool builders will recommend technologies that not only limit your maintenance expense. The right pool systems could also ensure the safety of your pool by destroying algae and bacteria and reducing the need for chemicals.

With an existing pool, you can apply the following money-saving maintenance practices:

Clear debris immediately

If your backyard as trees, then your pool’s surface is likely to contain leaves, twigs and all kinds of debris. Don’t let these settle; instead, skim them off immediately.

Use common household products

Pool chemicals can cost too much sometimes. But did you know that you can find effective cleaning solutions in your home? Some of the products you can use are baking soda, which raises pool alkalinity, and borax, which can raise pH levels. Naturally, practice care when using household items for your pool. You’ll want to check with your pool builder first before applying them

Avoid Over-cleaning

The urge to clean the pool all the time is understandable, especially if every family member has visited. Applying chemicals too often or leaving automatic cleaners on throughout the night will not do your pool any good.

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Get rid of oils with tennis balls

Finally, whether it’s suntan lotion or natural oils, some oils tend to leave residue on the surface. Get rid of it by throwing a tennis ball; the fibers on the ball will absorb the oils, keeping your pool free from unsightly sheen.

Your swimming pool provides multiple benefits, from keeping you cool during summer to improving your parties. So look after it well and it will continue to serve its purpose for many years to come.