Friday 20 July, 2018
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Whatever age you may be, you probably have accumulated many other things that are of value, but take up too much space in your home. Maybe you use some of these things occasionally, or several times a year. So it makes sense to keep them in...

By Jeffrey Adams on Jun 11th, 2018

The average Londoner spends at least 33 hours a week in the office. This is more than the rest of the UK. For this reason, the office should be welcoming, comfortable and a place you look forward to spending most of your working day. When designing...

By Jeffrey Adams on Feb 24th, 2018

You may only have two ideas about what concrete is: it’s a material used to build roads, houses, walls, and other solid structures, and you’re going to leave a footprint if you step on a wet one. You probably learned the second one...

By Line Zero on Apr 5th, 2016