Submission FAQs

FAQ’s -

  • Are there any entry fees for the contests?

No. At this time Line Zero does not charge any fees to enter our literary, art & photography, or poetry contests.

  • How many entries can I submit per entry period?

You may submit as many entries as you’d like, but we suggest keeping it to five in each category. The judging is tight as we only publish 10 poems, 8 short stories and a dozen photography and art entries per issue.

  • Will I receive a notice if I am not published?

Unfortunately due to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot guarantee a response. We review every submission each issue. If the finalists have been announced and your piece was not included we have passed on your piece.

  • Do you allow simultaneous submissions?

Yes, but when you submit your work to Line Zero, you commit to publication in our upcoming issue. You still retain all rights to your work, but we ask that you not submit to publishers who may require you to withdraw your submission during our contest period.

  • May I resubmit something?

Absolutely, if your piece was not chosen for publication. Sometimes we love a piece, but we do not have room to print it in the issue it was submitted. If you really believe in a piece, submit it again.

  • I have an art piece and a short story or poem that complement each other, can I submit them as one piece?

Yes, you can, please specify that that the pieces go together.

  • The submission guidelines state that you’re looking for fiction, but I wrote a great “insert other type of creative writing here”. Will you consider it?

Of course we will. Most of our literary contest is comprised of fictional short stories and poetry, but we will always consider well-written works.

  • I’m interested in publishing my novel with Pink Fish Press are they accepting submissions as well?

Please visit for submission guidelines. At this time they are considering novel length fiction and memoir.