Space Management for Small Businesses: Benefits of Using Self-Storage Units

A row of self-storage units

A row of self-storage unitsSmall businesses that are just starting out often face a risk when they embark on a commercial lease. There’s no immediate way of telling whether the company will grow or shrink – either way, you should consider space management.

If it grows, you’ll need more space to store more stocks. If there is a necessity for you to look for a smaller business space, you will need space to keep items such as office furniture that may not fit in your new space.

This is where self-storage solutions from firms such as STOR MATE come in. Self-storage units come in a variety of types, sizes, and shapes to meet your business needs.

There are even climate-controlled storage units if you need to store items that are temperature-sensitive such as antiques, books, artwork, wooden furniture, and other items that must be kept at a constant temperature.

If your business needs storage space, then you should consider using self-storage units. Here’s why.

It allows you to run your business without office space

If you’re just starting out in business or if your business does not require regular use of a physical office space, you can save money by using a self-storage unit to store merchandise and additional inventory.

Some providers of self-storage solutions even offer small business services such as print and copying services, business mailboxes, and meeting rooms.

It reduces risks of loss and damage

If you are vacating your office space for a new one, a self-storage unit is a convenient place to put items that you won’t need right away. The storage unit will keep the items safe and protected from damage and loss associated with being hauled about from place to place.

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If you have valuable and climate-sensitive merchandise, it would be good to keep them safe in a self-storage unit as well.

You can make bulk purchases without worrying about where to put them

If you work in retail, you probably have suppliers offering you massive discounts on bulk orders. You’re just hesitant to say yes because you don’t know where to put your purchases when they arrive, and renting a bigger space will simply negate the benefits you’ll be getting with your bulk order.

With a self-storage unit, this won’t be a problem. This also goes for seasonal stock.

It keeps your property secure

Your business may have important documents and items that you should keep in a safe place. A self-storage unit can definitely fit the bill.

In addition to employing security personnel, storage providers make use of surveillance cameras, personal key cards, alarms, and other security features to make sure the storage units and the items within have protection.