Simplified Art Deco-Inspired Nail Art

Nail ArtWhen you are in the mood for a nail art, you have the perfect canvas with a matte nail polish.

Whether you want simple lines, geometric patterns, colour splash or polka dots, your matte primer can make such designs stand out. And if you want that classic smooth, geometric forms known as art deco, you can achieve that too.

Art Deco-Inspired

To do that, pick a colour combination that is symbolic of that era. These can be black and metallic silver/gold; black and white, or blue and gold. Keep the matte plain with black, blue or white primer.

Then choose a pattern from diagonals, inverted triangles, scallops to geometric vintage feathers, palm, lotus, fan, humming bird and whatnot.

Simple, Abstract and Classy

You can reduce an intricate pattern into simple, abstract design. This way, you save time and still have something classy. Silver and white can be an alternative colour combo for black and white.

A V-line glitter on white base is also a modified example. You may paint your ring finger with glitter-filled inverted pyramid and the middle finger fully glitter-covered. Repeat on the other finger.

Try metallic rainbow stripes for a modern art deco-inspired nail art. A black base will make a rainbow metallic dramatic on it.

If curvy lines rather appeal to you, then go for scallops. Use simple black nail polish and add gold glitters in the curve line at the bottom of the nail. The glitters look like small beads that shimmer in the dark.

Yes, art deco patterns are elaborate. The key to intensifying a simple geometric pattern is to make it distinct from the rest. Make the four fingers on both hands black and only the middle fingernails with a pattern. If several patterns are used, make sure to repeat on the other hand for a uniform look.

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