Selling Well with Video: 5 Examples of How Product Videos Help Your Business

Female editing video on laptop, surrounded by camera equipmentAccording to an article by Medium, people are eighty-five percent more likely to buy a product if they saw the video for it. This attests to how video is an effective tool for business leaders to market their products to clients.

A number of companies have therefore relied on video professionals to shoot and create a video for their products or services. As explained by film agency The Mob Film, here are some examples of products that could see better sales with video.

Food and Beverages

Whether it’s fast food or caffeinated drinks, people are more likely to be drawn to videos that show people eating or drinking these products. Videos are able to showcase the selling factor of these products, such as a new flavour, or nutritional value.


Cars also benefit from having product videos, since these can show potential buyers the benefits of driving. For example, a product video could involve a family trip to the outdoors or a simple drive to the store for groceries or errands.


Pieces of furniture can be marketed through video and shown to people looking for changes or upgrades to their home interiors. The product video can show the ease of assembling the pieces and the areas of the house that you can place the furniture in.

Beauty Products

Because beauty products such as makeup or facial cleansers involve appearance, they benefit a lot from getting advertised through videos. The medium can show the “before” and “after” looks of a person who uses the beauty product.


Lastly, videos can be made for clothing by highlighting availability for any size, as well as style and colour. By showing the options, the product becomes more attractive to the buyer.

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Experts say that people are more likely to buy things that have product videos detailing their features. This compels various businesses to enlist the help of film agencies and video professionals to create product videos for them. Doing so would increase the chances of these business owners selling well.