Safe, Focused, and Functional: 6 Apps That Office Computers Need

Freelancers working at a shared spaceBeing the boss of your own company may seem glorious, but there’s grit behind it. You need to work hard on managing your subordinates to see if there are things they can improve on. As the chief, you’ll also have the call regarding the company’s expenses.

In today’s computerized business processes, you’ll have to invest in computers for your employees. These would then be installed with the necessary computer applications, so employees could do presentations or research on it. Here’s a detailed look at apps that your office computers need:

Antivirus Programs

IT services company CompuSys explains that companies should have anti-virus programs in their computers. This is because hackers could launch malware attacks to steal important information from your office computers, like passwords and credit card details.

Word Processor

This is the bread-and-butter of office computer apps. These should be installed on every computer, especially those used by employees who are tasked with writing or editing documents.


These are also important apps because these enable employees to do research on articles or any project they’re completing. As browsers could open any site, you can assign IT personnel to restrict it from opening non-work-related or suspicious websites.

Presentation Program

Presentation programs like Powerpoint allow you to create “slides” that contain images and text. These collectively form a presentation that you could show in a meeting, such as slides about the company’s profits or activities for the year.


These programs like Skype allow every office member to video-chat or call others on their computers. This is helpful in hosting meetings wherein a member or two isn’t physically present in the office.

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Spreadsheet apps like Excel allow you to input data or information arranged in rows, columns, or tables. This is beneficial since it can organize data that involves math formulas or numbers.

Managing a business requires attention to every detail in the company, be it employees or the computer programs they need to use. Office computers nowadays are expected to have the basic apps for working. Thanks to these programs, the company stays safe, focused, and functional.