Redecorating the Office on a Budget? Yes, You Can!

Office Design

Want to redecorate and revamp your office but don’t have the budget? Well, you don’t need to have a big budget to give any space a makeover. What you need is creativity and an eye for design!

Scour Thrift Shops and Garage Sales

In serious need of new office furniture? A trip to your nearest Goodwill may just be what you need. Thrift stores and even neighborhood garage sales are a good and inexpensive way to get a desk or a drawer at a fraction of the cost. You might even luck out and get that antique dresser or office table for free! (Some people just want to get rid of their old stuff and would be perfectly satisfied to give things away.)


Look at things from a whole new angle. Those used cubicles can be painted over or be part of a creative area inspired by vintage design. A good way to freshen old office furniture is by repainting them or, if someone in the company has a bit of an artistic flair, stenciling in a few strategic details like a flower or maybe a leaf.

DIY the Tiny Details

DIY decorative pieces and trims. For example, you can let employees personalize lampshades or curtains by adding a lace trim or painting them over. Let them use their own photos or even mementos as wall decor. Encourage them to design their own space, so they will feel more at ease in it. 

There are a lot of projects to improve a space without costing an arm and a leg, be it in the home or workplace. You can never be too creative when it comes to personalizing your space. 

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