Quick Facts That You Need to Know Before Hiring a PR Agency to Promote Your Company

Public Relations Written On DicesPR agencies and advertising agencies are often mistaken as companies that offer the same kind of service when they don’t. They do share the same discipline and goals, though. Clients are promoted in such a way that they may look good in the eyes of their customers – all the time.

However, methods of creating awareness to promote clients differ with each discipline. With an advertising company, the ads paid by clients are either liked or disliked by viewers and readers. You’ll need a PR agency in Melbourne to help you create articles in respected publications or build an online presence in professional networks that are more generally favourable than ads.

If this confused you at the mention of online presence, here’s a better way to explain what a PR agency is, what it can do for you, and what limitations it has.

What a PR Agency Is

A PR agency promotes individuals or companies through editorial coverage or what is better referred to as free or earned media. This type of media appears in the form of articles or videos that are shown on websites, TV programs, and printed publications.

What PR Agencies Don’t Do

Because PR agencies are apart from advertising agencies, they don’t buy, create, or put up ads. Advertisements are far from what PR agencies do or create.

And although PR firms create PR news, they don’t come up with stories and write them for journalists or reporters. They also don’t generate ideas for ads. More importantly, they don’t write catchy lines for company logos, marketing campaigns, or anything that can convince buyers to purchase a client’s products.

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What PR Agencies Do

What PR agencies do is to write pitches that are given to reporters so that they can pick up a story about a client. It’s not as formal as a press release would look like, but it’s enough for “words” to build up and go around, creating publicity for a company.

PR agencies also conduct market research. They can also create special events for public and media relations. They can also help a company sponsor an event.

Moreover, with the increasing number of people relying on social media networks, a PR agency in Melbourne can help you create an effective online presence.