Putting a Stop to ATM Robbing Seasons

ATMThe crime scene is no stranger to cases of ATM robberies. Despite being an uncommon yet unwelcome event, authority figures still struggle with controlling these incidents. Apart from the rates, this form of robbery is also becoming more violent, resulting in injuries and deaths.

Numerous factors contribute to the rising number of ATM burglaries. From the location to the robber’s want for “elements of surprise,” it’s important to apply extra security features on machines to avoid robberies in the future.

Don’t give criminals the advantage.

The 3Ls: Landscape, Lighting, Location

According to Anax.biz, an ATM refurbishment and maintenance specialist, operators should consider security and marketing upon installation of machines. Robbery prevention should include focusing on the 3Ls: landscaping, lighting, and location.

Adequate lighting allows users to see if there are any suspicious people lurking. It also allows for more witnesses, as well as gives the police a good look at offenders. The ATM’s landscape should also promote good visibility. There shouldn’t be excess trees or shrubbery.

Some banks choose to install their machines near police stations to ensure safe transactions. While it’s a good idea, some stations cannot accommodate the additional vehicle or traffic generated by an ATM.

Installing Surveillance

No ATM is complete without camera directed at every corner to capture potential offenders. Surveillance cameras around the area have two main purposes: detect fraud and robbery and easier offender identification.

Surrounding cameras should record the view behind the users as well as capture close-up images of ATM users. Cameras should have wide angle lenses and must not be positioned directly towards the sunlight.

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Other devices also allow victims to summon the police in case of a robbery. For example, users can push panic buttons or use telephones beside the ATM. Banks also install live microphones and door alarms to strengthen the vestibule’s security.

Don’t give criminals the opportunity to rob you. Apply these security measures to give your ATM users a worry-free transaction anytime, anywhere.