Issue Four

Issue Four

Journalistic Content
Storycrafting: One Piece of Advice—Jason Black
Dream-Worthy New York City—Jennifer Dryden
The Importance of Shock Art—Andrew Arslan
Publish or Perish: Pre-Release Marketing 101—Nathan Everett
Music Spotlight: Phantoms—Paul Blake
Making Time To Write—Nicole Persun
Before the Page: Art Made Motion—John J. Walsh IV
Dead Line—Casey Plett
Photography Essay: Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival—Xenia Rollinson
Thinking Small—Michael Dylan Welch
The Art of Hanging in There—John Mabey
The Plight of the English Major—Laura Pieroni
A Classical Musician Goes Metal—Jennifer K. Chung
The Way of the Emerging Writer: Writer’s Conferences—Sarah Martinez
The Ethics of the Book Review—Caleb S. Cage

WINNER: Elyse Brownell – Aftermath
Editor’s Choice: Tichaona Chinyelu – Referencing Rain
Editor’s Choice: Catherine E. Bailey – Casualties of a Three-day, Island-wide Outage: Peaches, Anorexia, Borders
Adrian R. Magnuson – Double Exposure
JW Drake – Desire
JW Drake – Some Other Lives
Alexander Haddad – To Professor Frederick Burt Farquharson, who foresaw but could not prevent what happened on the morning of November 7th, 1940
Britt Eira Long – Widowhood
John Sibley Williams – Dream Interpretation
Catherine E. Bailey – Showdown

WINNER: Timothy Quigley – Girl Talk
Editor’s Choice: Michael Overa – Radio Traffic
Editor’s Choice: Robert Wexelblatt – Petite Suite Amicale
Adriana Páramo – The Cage
Brett Biebel – The Spoils
Heather Rose Walters – The Fog
Tamsen Schultz – American Kin
Sarah Lucille Marchant – On Commonplace Ailments
Gareth Spark – The Mountain’s Shouldering Whiteness

Art & Photography
Meredith Antunes, James Sakalian III, Roy Vetter, Donatas Zadeikis, Nicholas Paul Pinto, Randi Stumpp, Schel Harris, Sarah Page, Jason Fairchild, Mark Crummett, Darby Levison, Darius Kuzmickas, Sandi Lovegrove, Kelly-Shane Fuller, Shannon Corsi, Sriram Ramgopal, Rachel Chevalier


I am art. You are art. Everything we do, that we do with our heart and soul, is art. If you’re a painter, writer, photographer, musician, mixed media sculptor or poet—you create art. No artist would argue that the work they do or the time they put into their craft is not art.

The dictionary definition of art is “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.” When I sit down to construct a short story, scene or chapter I become part of that piece. I am the characters, the story, the plot and the scene. I am that art.
It’s the same thing when I pick up my camera. Holding the viewfinder to my eye, that piece of equipment becomes a part of who I am—an extension of myself. When I move the angle of my body and the body of the camera, I change and shift the perspective. The camera is as much a part of me as my own eye, my own fingers or my own thoughts. I become the art that I’m creating.
This is true for all artists. It is why Line Zero has made “I am art” its theme for the summer issue. We’re encouraging every person to embrace the art inside of them, no matter what the medium. Take what you do and enjoy the beauty of it. Allow yourself that moment of true connection with your writing, painting, photography, cooking or poetry. Allow yourself to become art.
I’m so proud of this issue of Line Zero. There are some wonderful and amazing pieces in these pages. As we continue to grow, I’m continually amazed. I know that I say this every issue, but just when I think we can’t top the content that we’ve printed—the next issue just blows me away. As artists and writers, you continue to out-do yourselves. As a testament to our continued growth, we’ve added a Line Zero podcast online. Every month we talk about issues that are relevant to writers, musicians and artists, as well as our readers. You can find information on or you can subscribe through the iTunes store.
It’s the fourth issue of Line Zero, and I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already! We have grown so much in the past year, and I hope you enjoy the art in the following pages.
Renda Dodge
Managing Editor