Promoting Good Viewing Experience in Auditoriums

Empty auditoriumMost auditorium spaces can accommodate a large number of audience, with multiple stories seating. It's also common that there are raised stages and floors, and special lighting equipment to provide good sightlines for viewers. The functional and operational attributes from seating to flooring to special lighting all play an important role in giving the audience a pleasant viewing experience.

Auditorium Seating

Such spaces need to have fixed seats with leaning upholstered seat and back. There should also be integral and tablet arm with an articulated back. It is also important that the auditorium seating is fully upholstered or has wood contoured outer back with wood armrests. Row letters and seat numbers also need to be visible and there must be wheelchair access option removable seats, an expert from Preferred Seating said.

Sloped Floors

The right flooring or those with level walkways for each row of seating are important for auditoriums. This offers proper sightlines from the audience to the stage, allowing everyone, particularly those in back, to see the act properly. It is important that the intermediate and bottom rows are accessible from entry level.

Lighting Equipment

All auditoriums need to have dramatic lighting systems for effects or enhanced viewing experience. These include beam lights, spotlights, follow spotlights, foot lighting, and flood lights. There must also be a projection booth or a room with programmable lighting controls. Lighting systems need to be flexible and should accommodate various performances such as plays, musicals, and lectures.

Acoustical Design

Quality acoustical characteristics are essential to auditoriums so that the act can be heard and understood. Vinyl wall coverings and acoustical wall panels can help achieve quality acoustics and the proper sound transmission. Keep in mind, however, that it is important to follow the recommended noise criteria rating for general presentation spaces and performance spaces.

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Those who manage or own auditoriums need to accommodate different types of presentations and performances while giving the viewers a comfortable experience. Floors, seating, lighting, and acoustics should always be considered. The auditorium also needs to be comfortable and safe with proper notification systems and signage that can facility safe and fast exit during emergencies.