Privacy Policy

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Below are the details regarding our privacy policy. We understand how equally important it is for our readers to feel secure while they read our content.

Use of Personal Information

Our online magazine automatically collects data from you, such as when you visited our website, what browser you used, as well as your IP address. We assure you that the information our site automatically gathers is harmless, and cannot be used to compromise your online safety and security in any way.

Our site may ask personal information from you, but it is entirely optional and will only be used to better determine what articles are relevant to your interests as our reader.

Any information we gather from you is strictly confidential and we will never disclose it to other websites or third party organizations.

External Links

Our team of writers may sometimes add external links to the articles they publish. This is necessary as we want to give you credible sources that you can use to look up additional information. We would like to caution you, though, that these external links will lead to other websites that may have different privacy policies than us. Please read their respective privacy policies carefully before giving them any information. We won’t be held responsible for how they use the information you have given them.

Policy Changes

We make a log here of any changes we do involving our privacy policy. Please check this page regularly for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter to get them automatically.