Printing Business: Basic Steps for Starting and Marketing

Printing BusinessA printing business is one of the best business ideas out there. It may require a considerable initial investment but that depends on the kind of printing you intend to start with and the strength of doing business in your area.

To begin your printing business, here are some pieces of advice from the experts.

Choose a Printer

It's the single most important investment you'll make for this business. Will it be offset, screen, inkjet, laser or a combination of these? That depends on the kind of printing you would like to offer. From vinyl signs to T-shirts, there are plenty to choose from. If you have the money, a combination of at least a couple of these capabilities will naturally help you get more customers.

Decide on Your Base of Operations

These days, you can operate a printing business in your garage, in a rented office in your area's CBD or even online. You may also combine home/store-front and online operations, as long as you have the space for doing the job.

Buy a Computer and Software

Printing involves graphics, so a computer barely good enough for running a word processor cannot handle this job. Either buy a highly capable branded computer like a Mac or assemble your own if you know how. Then you need software. If you will be doing all the designing (be advised: this limits your business's earning potential), you can master one of those free design programs available online. But if you will be accepting predesigned art, better invest in a popular program like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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Have an Inventory of Materials

Your printers need something to print on. And your earning potential may grow with a wider array of choices for customers. T-shirts, paper for business cards, etc.: you need such material on hand. Strike up a deal with suppliers. Also, make sure you have a means for cutting material like paper for business cards or posters.

Market to Other Businesses

As your biggest customers will probably come from businesses too, you should market to them. Do this by sending emails or brochures or by paying them a visit. According to BNI Australia, you can pay a minimal fee to join a professional referral organisation, as well, so building your network is easier and faster. With a business like yours, this kind of membership will pay dividends.

These are the basic steps for setting up your own printing business. Find out about the permits you need in your area before starting your operations.