Power Up! Home Batteries are the Right Choice for Back Up

Emergency batteryThere are multiple reasons why you should backup power: first, your area is inaccessible; second, you need power when nature unleashes her fury; or finally, you wish to live off the grid. Whatever the reason, home battery storage has gone from a luxury to a necessity.

While generators may seem like the first choice for many homeowners, home batteries and their storage are gaining popularity. If you need any more convincing, here are some of the advantages home batteries have on generators.

The Main Difference

While generators and batteries both produce power, they run on completely different sources. Generators are connected to your property’s main gas line or—depending on availability or preference—a dedicated tank. A generator runs on fuel and can burn natural gas or even diesel.

Batteries, on the other hand, are attached behind your property’s electrical meter or inside your garage. They can be charged from any source and can even be connected to a solar power system. Home batteries produce a smaller carbon footprint than generators.

Batteries also last longer than a generator—up to 10 years. Batteries will respond to outages quicker than an auto-start generator and can also store energy when not in use.

Sun’s Out

A battery’s unique advantage over generators is its ability to be integrated into a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Your batteries can run on solar panels, making your home energy-independent.

There are some things to consider before converting to a PV system: the amount of sunlight in your location, the local temperature, and the efficiency of your inverter.

Adding a battery to a PV system takes the strain off solar panels and stores them when not in use. PV systems can also power households and properties for a longer time; it even sends unused power back to the power grid, which can give you savings.

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Batteries have come a long way since their invention. They can power your home, make you energy-independent, and gives you savings.