OSHA Requirements that Considerably Impact Workplace Safety

Clean Office In UtahAs an employer, you know that your organization has to abide by many different laws and regulations, with some of them focused on the safety, health, and welfare of your workers.

Utah has its own State Plan, approved by the country’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). And while you may not immediately notice the impact of the following workplace environment components, know that they have a lot to do in keeping your business OSHA-compliant.

  1. Lighting.

The workplace should have sufficient lighting to ensure that people can work as well as move around and about safely. Smart business owners know the value of natural lighting, but you can always use artificial lighting systems to increase the amount of light in a work area. Localizing lighting, when necessary, should also be a top priority.

To minimize panic during power losses, a situation that can increase the risk of accidents and injuries, invest in independently powered emergency lights.

  1. Ventilation.

Keep the workplace adequately supplied with fresh air, or your employees can end up feeling and even becoming ill. You can achieve natural ventilation through opening doors and windows when applicable. Equip the office with mechanical ventilation systems.

  1. Workstations.

Creating an ergonomic workstation for each of your employees will not only mean being OSHA-compliant; it also means boosting productivity levels and preventing health problems, especially those associated with aches and pains. Seating should have sufficient back support, especially for the lower spinal area; the most commonly complained-about part of the back.

  1. Welfare facilities.

Clean and potable drinking water, spotless sanitary and washing facilities, sanitary eating facilities, and clutter-free changing facilities should also make it to your list of must-haves in the workplace.

  1. Cleanliness, sanitation, and waste disposal policies and systems.

Professionally carried out cleaning, sanitation, and waste disposal work will ensure your place of business maintains it cleanliness, hygienic, and sanitary standards.

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As part of your cleanliness policies, Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah recommends getting the services of a Salt Lake City company specializing in janitorial services. Doing so will definitely make the workplace safer and healthier for everyone.