Office Changes to Do if You Want to Boost Productivity and Morale

Employees gathered at a meeting tableThe needs of the workforce are changing. It’s not enough to keep the same design you’ve had for decades. You may think there’s value in keeping everything timeless, but when you haven’t updated the office for that long, it might already have an adverse effect on productivity and morale.

Here are some office changes that you should do now:

Make the Office Smart

Sure, desktop computers can stay, but if you can spare a few laptops here and there, do so. They take up less space, allowing employees to make full use of their desk. Take a look at industrial furniture online at Urban95, and you’ll notice their simplicity; they are meant to be utilized fully, but an old and bulky desktop will not be doing you any favors. Security can be updated too, with the use of biometric login options.

Design Intuitively

Each employee will have a system in place when designing their desk. You’ll notice left-handed individuals will place their pens and pads of paper on that side so they can reach these items easily. The flow of the office should be as intuitive instead of being counterproductive. Would it make sense to have the printers to one area or in the middle where everyone has equal access to it? It depends on the workflow, so design according to what your employees need.

Encourage Creativity

There’s nothing to lose by letting employees design their space to reflect their personality, and you’ve got plenty to gain. You’ll have employees who are happier and content. They feel that the company allows them to be creative instead of limiting their every move. Their creativity may also translate to their work, which means fresh ideas on the table and brainstorm sessions that involve thinking outside the box.

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Taking care of the office means taking care of your employees. And when employees feel valued, they value the company, too.