Not a Piece of Cake: What Starting Foodpreneurs Must Do When Struggling

Food business owner

Running a food business is a promising, profitable endeavor. But, it’s no doubt intimidating. In fact, it leaves many aspiring foodpreneurs hesitant about following through. If you find yourself struggling, doubting, or feeling afraid to take that step towards opening your restaurant, here’s what you should do to dispel those uncertainties away:

Talk to established foodpreneurs.

There’s no one more suitable to give you advice than foodpreneurs themselves. You’d be surprised at how many businesspeople would be willing to share their stories of humble beginnings, struggles, and wins. It’s just a matter of reaching out to them.

Use social media to build an initial connection. Maximize your social circle and ask friends if they know people who are in the industry. You can also take the common route that starting entrepreneurs take — contacting franchisors. These experts are ready to share how they run their operations. With a solid business plan, your first foot on the door of the food industry may just be opening a franchise.

Identify a niche.

One of the common reasons foodpreneurs get cold feet is the fact that their business idea might not take off in a player-saturated, cutthroat industry. That’s a valid concern. But there are lots of ways to reduce competition — one of which is to look for a niche market.

When you zoom in on an audience with specific challenges and problems, it’s likely that such market isn’t saturated yet. Try breaking into healthy food options and appealing to the always-on-the-go Millennial market. Chop Stop, for instance, notes that you can start a salad restaurant franchise or a healthy food delivery service. The bottom line is finding your niche.

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Take the leap.

Ironically, that scary risk you take allows you to gain more confidence. You get newer perspectives about the business as you become more immersed in the industry. In a way, you’ll be able to reduce the uncertainties if you “cross the bridge.” Think about it: Risks never really go away. Even seasoned entrepreneurs would have to face them so better take that leap of faith. Exercise your risk-taking muscles, as you’ll use them in most parts of your journey as you move forward.

Don’t let your hesitations get the best of you. Being a foodpreneur is a rewarding job, so go get it.