Moving Tips 101: How to Prepare for Packing Your Stuff

Person taping a box shut

Person taping a box shutPacking is an essential part of moving since you want your precious belongings to get to your new abode in the exact same condition you packed them in. Moreover, keeping your belongings safe would only be possible with sufficient protection prior to them getting into the moving truck.

But no one really looks forward to packing. Why? Because it would require time, money, and effort to complete. To start you off, below are some basic tips to follow:

Take an Inventory of Your Entire Home

You shouldn’t pack every single thing in your house yet. You need to sort them out first. Otherwise, you could be starting off your move with the most expensive packing blunders.

List every item in each room. As you’re moving from room to room, note what you will do with each item. Do they go to your future home, to the trash, or to charity? This is especially vital so you have an idea of what packaging supplies to buy, advises and other packing specialists in the state.

Decrease the Amount of Stuff You’re Bringing with You

When you have a better idea of which stuff you’re bringing to your new home, you now have to sort through everything and reduce what you would actually bring. Look at each item in your inventory sheet and ask yourself if you truly need them or not. You could then give away the stuff you’ll be leaving behind to family and friends, charity, or even sell them to make some money you could use for paying for the move.

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Purchase the Right Packing Materials

To help ensure a smooth and stress-free packing experience, you need to have all the packaging supplies to protect your belongings. Or else, you could lose lots of time trying to get more boxes, containers, packing paper, or bubble wrap just right when you’re all fired up and in the packing “zone.”

Knowing which items to pack is extremely crucial. Once you’re prepared, you’ll know exactly where to put everything, which helps save time and money in terms of packing, transport, and unpacking in your new home.