Most Germ-Infested Items in the Office

Germ-Infested Office ItemsA study conducted by Arizona University revealed that germs spread fast in the office. The research cited that when a sick colleague comes to work, they will likely infect half of the commonly-touched items in the workplace by lunchtime. Knowing what these are will allow you to disinfect them before the germs spread.

Elevator Buttons

The elevator buttons are a likely spot that a sick person may infect with germs or bacteria. The first floor button is the one pressed more often; it comes as no surprise as it is the most germ-infested. You can always clean the buttons of your building, but the least you can do is inform employees by telling them to wash their hands often.

Copy Machine

Many fingers have pressed the start button of the copy machine, increasing the possibility of passing bacteria and germs to other people in the workplace. It is best to wash hands right after using the machine or using the pen cap to press the button instead of your finger.

Door Handles

Right here in San Diego, any notable commercial cleaning company will cite that the door handle is one of the most commonly touched items of the office. Many people touch this surface throughout the day, regardless of whether they are sick or not. The people, who don’t wash their hands or sneeze into them, infect the handles which may make other individuals sick.

Appliances in the Break Room

The break room is a place for rest, but it is also one of the places where bacteria and germs can spread. Appliances such as the refrigerator, vending machines, coffee pots, paper towel dispensers, microwaves and others may have several germs because of the many people who touch them.

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Regular cleaning and disinfecting prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that may cause diseases in the workplace. You must also remind your employees to wash their hands regularly to avoid infecting them.