Mobile Marketing Trends to Implement in 2017

Mobile MarketingMobile marketing has already made its mark in the past years; it is continuing on an upward trend for the coming year. Certain trends may make or break companies; adapting these provides you with a competitive advantage in an increasingly tough marketplace.

The Importance of Omnichannels

Singtel Media cite that brands need to provide their customers what they truly want, one of which is omnichannel experiences. 2017 will be the year where companies must treat their customers as individuals, with their own likes, needs, wants and behaviour. Consistency is important, regardless of the platform you send your message in. When you create a single view of your audience, you follow their journey through various channels and have the ability to react immediately.

Mobile-Focused Social

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Snapchat and others have a lot of influence on people. There will be an increasing trend in mobile-only social apps, as companies are looking to further segment markets and create more niches for themselves. As a brand, monitoring various social channels enables you to customise your message and connect with your audience.

Avoid posting the same content simultaneously on various platforms; this may result in message fatigue and loss of subscribers. Stay fresh by publishing in the moment pieces of content, whether videos or photos, that represent your brand and the experiences your audience may get.

Proximity Marketing

Companies that use location-based advertising have an advantage over their competitors. This allows you to send your brand message to customers who are near a particular area. This increases the possibility of a conversion because someone is already looking for what you offer. Beacon devices are gaining popularity because they drive foot traffic to shops and increase sales volume.

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These are some of the trends to follow in the coming year; these provide you with insight and prepare you for the changes you need to make in marketing your products or services.