Make Moving to Melbourne Easy

A view of Melbourne at night

The population in Melbourne is increasing fast. Victoria’s capital used to have only 50,000 residents less than twenty years ago. Today, it already hit 5 million. People move here for a variety of reasons. One of these is the chance to be in one of the livable cities in the world. Any relocation, though, needs planning and research. Before heading to Melbourne, consider these factors:

Housing Options

The types of homes available in Melbourne can vary. Your options depend on the location, population growth, and affordability.

Master-planned estates around Donnybrook, Victoria, are all about community living. They feature vast tracts of land with parks, playgrounds, and tree-lined paths. Properties are often single-detached dwellings, which provide families with enough personal space and privacy.

The suburbs of Melbourne tend to have more high-density buildings. These structures can accommodate as many people as possible. They can be either terrace or shoebox style.

Melbourne Weather

Melbourne’s weather can change suddenly throughout the day. It might appear sunny in the morning and then overcast and drizzling in the afternoon. By night, the sky is clear again. However, Victoria’s capital has a generally milder winter; it rarely snows. It can have occasional hot spells that can last for days during the summer. It’s also not uncommon for the season to be wet.

Education in Melbourne

Australia’s education system has four levels: kindergarten or preschool, primary, high school, and tertiary education. In Victoria, parents need to send their children to school once they reach six years old. Preschool is optional but recommended. Before they graduate, they complete a credential. It will allow them to proceed to tertiary schooling:

  • Victorian Certificate of Applied Learnings (VCAL)
  • Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
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Of the two, the latter is more popular. The state has an impressive track record in education. It ranks third in QS Best Student Cities after London and Tokyo.

Relocating can be more challenging when couples have children in tow. Nonetheless, these facts can make it easy and exciting for everyone.