Light Materials: The Key to Lightweight Packaging

The different types of lightweight packaging The primary purpose of lightweight packaging is to provide a lightweight solution for deliveries or distribution, but it still has to comply with performance standards. The life cycle of a package has to comply with a few aspects, including the capacity of the package to protect the product, display efficiency, transport friendliness and its impact to the client.

Many packaging materials help lessen the weight of a package. This mostly depends on the mode of transport, temperature, product type and other factors. Here are some packaging materials that can lower the weight of your package.


As petroleum-based polymers are non-biodegradable, they are famous for their negative impact on the environment. To address the issue, companies introduced lightweight packaging materials that use natural biopolymers, such as starches and proteins. Some companies use polylactic acid to package consumer goods, pharmaceutical products and food items. These upgraded materials are eco-friendly, cost-effective and biodegradable.

Mono-Material Packaging

Mono-material packaging is extremely beneficial to the environment because it uses just one material for the whole packaging. Companies can easily recycle this instead of compromising diverse materials. Some facilities even take the lightweight packaging programme to the next level by using extremely lightweight mono-material rPET trays. Whether you are running a small-scale or wholesale packaging facility in the UK, these ingenious trays can reduce carbon footprint because they are 100% recyclable.


Paper is probably the most lightweight material there is, and it can quickly replace traditional metal and steel packaging. Metal packages are costly and can harm the environment. Meanwhile, paper is the premium packaging option because it is biodegradable. It can support different package shapes and companies can easily reheat it.

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More industries are beginning to recognise the many advantages of lightweight packaging. They know that it can lessen general costs and save energy during transportation and production.