Know the Types of Glass in Your Car to Care of It

a man cleaning the car windowThe glass in your car’s windshield differs from that in the windows of your home. When your home windows break, the glass shatters to leave sharp shards that are dangerous even to adults. If the glass in your windshield breaks, it’s likely to remain in position unless willfully removed. Even then, the shards are almost blunt.

When going to get an auto glass replacement in Mesa, AZ, it’s always better if you know the kind of glass you had before. That way, you can have the same type. You’ll also be able to know what design choices you have and what that will mean in terms of care. That said, vehicle glass is found in two types:

Laminated Glass

This type of glass was first made in the mid-1920s. The car industry relied on two glass sheets stuck together to produce an even stronger piece of glass. Polyvinyl butyral is typically used between the glass sheets, and it’s applied under high temperatures. Even though laminated glass breaks, it won’t produce sharp shards. In fact, the design of the glass is such that it can take a heavy impact and remain intact. Thanks to that quality, the passengers are kept safe in a collision. What is more, the windshield glass can cushion you if you’re thrown into the window.

Tempered Glass

Found in the windows, tempered glass is produced from laminated glass. The glass is a single-ply sheet, but it has been treated by heating and cooling. If tempered glass breaks, it doesn’t shatter into shards but leaves pebble-like pieces with no sharp edges. While laminated glass can be repaired if it chips, tempered glass must always be replaced if it breaks.

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There are car models that come with sun blinds on the windows. However, in most cases, you have to decide whether you want protection and the type. Knowing the type of glass in your vehicle, you can move on to make informed choices. Always have a professional do the replacement for you.