Is Vaping Really Better than Smoking?

Vaping Guy Sitting at the Edge of a LakeVaping vs. cigarette smoking has become among one of the most well-known rivalries these days. With the waning popularity of cigarettes comes the rise of vaping.  If have friends who vape, you’ve probably seen them buy vape juice from shops like the Independent Vapor Company.

Vaping Daily defines vaping as “the act of inhaling vapor produced by a vaporizer or electronic cigarette. The vapor is produced from a material such as an e-liquid, concentrate or dry herb.” Advocates of vaping claim that it helps wean a smoker off a nicotine addiction. They also say that vaping isn’t as dangerous as cigarette smoking. Those against vaping, on the other hand, claim that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking and just as addictive. Smoker or not, you’ve probably heard different arguments regarding vaping. With all that’s being said about vaping, no one can blame you for not knowing where science really stands on this issue.

Science Speaks

Despite the negative talk about vaping, there are a few reasons to believe otherwise. Although quitting is still the best way to stop smoking, doing it cold turkey isn’t easy. In cases like this, research from Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center found that e-cigarettes might be the way to do it.

David Levy, the lead researcher, and his team followed cigarette smokers for ten years to find out what happened to smokers who switched to e-cigarettes. The results revealed that those who made the switch lived longer than those who didn’t.

Health experts are now advocating for harm minimization as a way to get smokers to quit. They believe that if smokers are having a hard time quitting, then they should at least be exposed to something less harmful than tobacco smoke.

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Experts agree that e-cigarettes still pose some health risks but also admit that between vaping and cigarette smoking, the former is a better choice.