Is Job Hopping More Acceptable Now?

Industrial Businesses Recruitment

Industrial Businesses RecruitmentApproximately 55% of employers are recruiting employees who have switched jobs in the past, and about 40% of employers expect their employees to change job positions, reveals a recent survey.

While job switching has not been a good character trait for potential employees, millennials are reversing the trend in the job market. Below are reasons you should recruit job switchers:

Low Training Cost

Job hoppers have tried different job positions and they are fast in grasping new concepts at work. You may likewise find one that has been in a similar job position in the past, which will not cost you more in training. It is likely that you will have an employee who had a shipping job in Felixstowe before. That will save you the money you would spend on training other full-time employees.

Easily Adaptable to Work Relationships

These individuals have worked in different places and are very flexible in changing their roles. They will develop a successful work relationship in a short period. This flexibility befits a workplace that is highly volatile.

Suitable for Short-Term Employment

An employer is responsible for offering employee benefits, such as insurance and pension fees. This scenario does not apply when you are looking for a workforce to undertake short-term projects. You will end up having low expenses in your workforce.

Offer Excellence in Place of Long-Term Mediocrity

Workers tend to have a high motivation in their first few years of work. Over time, they get used to the tasks and lower their productivity. Job hoppers do not wait until they get bored with a job and will quit before their productivity goes down. That ensures that you only have productive staff at work.

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Hiring individuals who have switched jobs before is a good idea you should embrace when looking for employees for short-term projects. Their dedication to delivering value for your company during the short period is sure to benefit your company.