How To Properly Set Up Your Sound System

Sound mix systemIf you’ve recently upgraded your home theatre or added one to your property, you’d want to create the best possible audio and video experience. And part of setting up a great soundstage is to know what type of acoustic absorption panels to install and how to do it. Below is a guide to help you pull it off.

Choosing the Right Panel

You have to know which type of acoustic absorption panels to use. Soundwave passes through certain types of panels designed for absorbing and dampening sounds. These types of panels are made out of densely packed insulation or form that slows down the sound waves as they pass through the material. The amplitude of the sound wave is then decreased as the energy gets sucked out of the passing sound wave.

Wooden panels are designed to be sound deflectors. It doesn’t dampen nor absorb the sound. Instead, it breaks up the sound waves and scatters it in as many directions a possible. This kind of diffuser tends to create a randomised spread of sound, which somehow reduces the amplitude of the sound waves and even reduces its ability to impede with the main sound wave that the instrument generates.

Utilising Reflection

One way to find the best position of loudspeakers is by using a mirror. Using a mirror gives a clue on where the soundwaves from the reflection will usually bounce. You may want to sit in the best listening position in the room and have any of your friends move a mirror across the surface of the wall just right between you and the speakers. Then, mark the beginning and endpoints using a pencil where the speakers are clearly visible in the mirror. This will define the best area that should be treated. Then, just repeat it on the second side of the room until it’s all set up.

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These are just the basic steps on how to set up your sound system at home. You may also want to ask professionals for expert advise on properly setting up your own entertainment system.